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Let’s practice Japanese with Mari!

Hello, my name is Mari.


I am based in Osaka, Japan and I have been teaching Japanese for about 10 years. I have completed the 420-hour Japanese Education Training course and I studied law in US and UK. I also have a master’s degree in private international law.

I have taught at all kinds of places, including Japanese language schools, vocational schools, universities, companies, and also with children. In addition, I have taught the JLPT to over 2000 people, with approximately 75% of my students passing the exam.


Conversation course

JLPT preparation course (N5-N1)

Other (upon request)

What I enjoy most about teaching Japanese is meeting students from other countries and cultures, learning new things from them, tailoring my lessons to their particular needs, helping them improve their Japanese, and seeing them progress in their lives and careers.

Learning a new language is a process of becoming aware of the obviousness of the language you already know. Becoming aware of your own foundation – this is the same process as getting to know yourself.

As an example, it is sometimes difficult to explain the grammatical structure of your own native language well. That is because the structure is so deeply rooted in us that we rarely question it.

With the development of AI technology, translating into multiple languages is no longer a difficult task. The technology translates words and grammar efficiently, yet we can lose a lot of individual expression. When you learn a new language, you can come to knowing yourself and your individual ways of expressing yourself. This is the path to creativity.

I also hope to introduce Japan’s various cultural aspects through our lessons, which is essential for improving your language abilities. I am also a psychotherapist and am interested in spiritual things such as yoga and meditation. What are your interests through learning Japanese? What would you like to do? I look forward to hearing from you soon! If you are interested in my online private lessons, please contact me.